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NUCCA and Graston Neuromuscular Skeletal Care, serving the Denver Metro Area, including Lone Tree, Cherry Creek, Greenwood Village, Centennial, and Aurora, CO.

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Evidence Based X-rays are explained

Brief Practice Description

Claus Chiropractic practices Evidence Based Chiropractic.

First and foremost is the improvement that the patient reports as the treatment plan progresses. Then I use tools that document the progress and explain how his positive change occurred.

NUCCA's ( National Upper Cervical Chiropractic Association ) chiropractic technique is used to correct the patient's posture, remove any postural related pain, and remove any movement dysfunction. If needed, M2 level certified Graston Technique® ( soft tissue, muscle and neural sheath release therapy ) is included in the treatment plan to assist the postural corrections. Nutritional resources are also provided to support the patient’s healing process.

Emphasis is placed upon patient education and active patient involvement during their treatment and healing process.

Dr. Claus, DC, serves the Denver Metro Area, and focuses on Holistic Neuromusculoskeletal therapy that is related to recent or previous injuries; provides service for families, postural correction, muscular and neurological disabilities, Workman's Comp, Personal Injury Cases (PI), injury rehabilitation; also, treatment for the professional or amateur athlete (all ages) who wants to perform at their highest capacity.

If you enjoy your sport or favorite activity, wouldn't you want to perform as well and as long as you can ?

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